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Welcome to The Tom Jones Show

For the last 20 years, we’ve been online helping people find solutions to challenges they faced at work or at home.  So starting our 21st year, we’re doing a complete remake of our site and content.  But those who enjoyed our older content that either helped you or made you laugh, it will still be available in our blog.  Of course, we’ll update it with the current status of that post. 

So stick with us as we REMAKE ourselves.  Thank You

Tom TJ Jones


Just so there is no confusion about which Tom Jones you expected, I’m the “Noody, with something to say”, about almost anything.  I help people solve problems that they face at work or in life.  Challenges are my speciality.

But if you’re expecting “The Famous Singer ” Tom Jones, he has his own website which is tomjones.com.  

So Let's Get Started With What's Bugging You and Challenges You're Facing.

How To Achieve Unlimited Success

How to Achieve Unlimited Success

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A Career Devotional by Tom TJ Jones at thetomjonesshow.com

A Career Devotional

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2 book deal from tom tj jones at thetomjonesshow.com

2 Book Deal

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Key Battles In The War Against Workplace Series by Tom TJ Jones at thetomjonesshow.com

How To Have Courage When You Feel Like a Coward

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