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September 23, 2019

Career Advice for Teenagers

Summary of Article:  5 Parent Tips To Help Your Teenager Choose A Career

1.  Robots and IA will rule everything very soon… so get them ready
2.  Online college first for 2 years. then…
3.  Traditional College Next If They Achieve In First 2 years, and
4.  Learn to make money online… The Internet is not going away.
5.  Substitute 2-4 above with Technical/Trade School

Ok Moms and Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.  It’s time to acknowledge that it ain’t going to be the same in the next 10-20 years for our young teen kiddos.  Remember they won’t be a teen in 10 years.  And it won’t be the way it was when you were young

The Future for Teens Careers

Oh, I know you already recognize that these whipper-snappers won’t have it as easy as you did when you were a teen.    Riding a horse to work, or the model T automooobile. Or working hard for your 50 cents an hour labor.  

OK, they got it. But what should they learn to advance their careers and start planning it like a pro while they are young.  Well, here are some ideas.

  1. Get a college degree in criminal justice.  But have them know the debt they will getting into.  Don’t go to an ivy league school.   Go to a community college (get an apartment) and then if you like college, then go to a state university, not Princeton.    Now, here’s an even better idea.  Since the world will be more AI (artificial intelligence) make this deal with your teens.  You can stay home if you do 2 years at an ONLINE College rather than going into huge debt at a traditional college.  This way, you’ll learn how dedicated they are to learning because it takes much more dedication to learning if they have to MANAGE THEIR OWN SCHEDULE.
  2. They will learn discipline and how to save money PLUS a part-time job and you’ll learn real quick how serious they are about getting a degree.   Just get a general degree and specialize in criminal justice.  Then they can choose public service like police officers, deputies or marshalls because there will always be someone robbing robots, beating up on them because they don’t like robots or robots double park a lot.  Or go into advancing  into a law degree in defending or prosecuting those in the civil or criminal courts representing the robots that will soon be taking over those hard working jobs we grew up on.
  3. Or, go to a technical school and learn how to program robots, artificial intelligence design and machines taking over industries.


  4. Or, learn to sell.  There will always be a need for someone to sell the Ai and robot technology to companies around the world.


  5.  Or last, do all of the above and the world will be your oyster.  Prosper and whatever William Shatner said in Star Trek.

Tom TJ Jones  signing out…  From the Enterprise because it’s near and not to far away… like 10-20 years away where we’ll be ordering hamburgers at McDonalds from a robot (with rubber gloves).  Hope the speakers are better.

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