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August 7, 2020

Playing Cards with Focus
Playing Cards with Focus
Playing Cards with Focus Photo by jalil shams on

So have you ever played a card game on your phone? Actually, I’m been playing the Solitaire card game and since I’m an ” all over the place ” thinker, it’s very hard for me to focus. Even in my career producing products, programs, blogs, and in my personal life, I’ll do 100 things (approx) a day and never finish anything. So I learned that in the 5 minute time period to complete a Solitaire ESports app game and compete with others around the world, SPEED is the key to winning and losing. Basically, the fastest person to acquire the most points in that card game wins.

  1. When a card comes up, I take too much time in searching all the piles each time so I don’t miss any move.
  2. So then I tried to concentrate on the two colors rather than 52 cards. It’s easier to recognize colors rather than looking for numbers.
  3. Once I FOCUSED on colors, my “all over the place ” habit changed by training my head, using my eyes and brain, to not look for numbers but looking for the color first and the number second.

So what does this mean in your everyday life or career? If you focus on what makes your job or life responsibilities easier, it may just be the key to keeping the focus on the outcome, rather than just the process.

You’re welcome!

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