The Reason For Writing A Career Devotional

A Career Devotional by Tom TJ Jones
A Career Devotional by Tom TJ Jones

So, let’s start off on our 21st year with  little nostalgia.  When I first set up The Tom Jones Show in 2001, I was a professional national speaker (certified by The National Speakers Association), a certified career coach and then I was able to add “author” to my credentials.  A Career Devotional was my first book published in 2012.  This came about as a result of a job loss that I had been striving to obtain all my adult life.  Not to become the President of a large corpation, but a VP role, was my goal.   

And after I finally got that oportunity in an large international corporation, it came crashing down when the President of our Division, who had recruited me since I worked for him as his Director of Human Resources and Development, had his contract bought out due to a conflict about a business decision he made at one of the company s plants in his division.  

Bottom line, he had a contract and I didn’t.  Lesson learned in the “corporate world”.  I’ll never forget the day the corporation wanted to come their offices in Milwaukee and discuss my future.  I met with the corporate VP of Human Resources to discuss my resignation because I refussed to resign.  We literally spent the entire day talking and negotating a severance package.  

We came to an agreement and he literally called their corporate pilot to let him know that I’d be flying in their private jet back to my home state of Oklahoma. On that flight, I was very depressed and as you’ll read in the book,  I almost did something that I thought would solve the problem of depression.  Thank God I didn’t do it; because I’m here today.  

That experience led me to write “A Carrer Devotional”.  

Here’s the point:  A job or a career should NEVER cause you to feel like it’s the end of your work life.  



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