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Who Is The Richest Person In The World

Of course, @Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. Do you know the odds of becoming the richest person in the world? .000000000000000000000000% or 100%?

We confuse money with being rich and rich is defined generally in a financial manner. So if you want to be the richest person in the world, how are you gonna get there? And is the percentages against you?

Let’s try to do this first before you reach for the MONEY. Just work on having a richer life:

    1. A Richer life at work, usually translates to a richer life at home

I was fortunate to provide a chapter in a book called “How to Achieve Unlimited Success”. I was one of 16 chapters by 16 authors. And in my chapter, I wrote about “The Power of U“.

The letter “U” can be a substitute for the work “University. Or the “U” could be the 21st letter in the alphabet. “U” can be the first letter of a major company like U-Haul! But the “U” in YOU, is better than all the rest”

Tom TJ Jones

THE POWER OF U means YOU. And in the middle of the word, genuine is the letter U. That’s where the POWER OF U is… in being genuine.

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Are you genuine? Because if you are not, the difference between having no success, some success or unlimited success rests in that word GENUINE.

Faking it to Making it, will determine who you are and how far your success goes.

You don’t believe that? That’s ok. Everyone has an opinion and I respect yours. But just read chapter 2 and it might change your mind a bit.

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